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Asphalt & Base



Asphalt & Base Construction is a well established company specializing in surfacing, resurfacing, & maintenance of big & small asphalt works hand & machine laid.

We provide the best available materials & workmanship at a fair & reasonable price &  have gained a fine reputation throughout Sunshine Coast & Brisbane areas.


Your Traditional Black Asphalt is elegantly complementary to any landscape. Never clashing with scenery or housing it can be easily set into any situation. Hot Mixed and placed perfectly to fit the layout of any area you desire.

If black finish is not for you, why not choose the second natural option of a Red Brown Asphalt.

This type of Hot Mix Asphalt consists of a special formula that will result in a soft elegant appearance that will fit perfectly into your surroundings.

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Asphalt can easily be sealed around objects such as Rocks , Garden beds, posts and letter boxes. It is so much cheaper than concrete as well as easy to look after. No dust can settle in or under and you will never have nasty potholes!

Asphalt is extremely stylish and compilments porperty value and landscape design.



  • Car parks

  • Sales Yards & Display areas

  • Driveways

  • Tennis courts

  • Footpaths

  • Gravel Road

  • Crack Sealing

  • Private Roads

  • Speed Humps

  • Modern, Stylish Edging

  • Red Brown Asphalt

  • Special Features

  • Driveways, Kerb

  • Excavations & Drainage




To provide perfect tidy and ready to use Asphelted areas to the best of our ability - We will always finish up with a site clean safe and better than how we found it.

Call us anytime, our advice is free of charge, we do our best to provide  a fast helpful response, &  we are always happy to answer your questions.


Please contact us by email to make enquiries
for friendly down to earth professional service




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